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  • Spain Train Crash Video Shows Horrific Derailment

    Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, 52, posted a picture on his Facebook account in March last year showing a speedometer on a train under his control reaching 200kmh (125mph).

    During a Facebook conversation underneath the picture he even boasts about breaking the speed limit and triggering a fine for Spain’s train operator RENFE.

    Both drivers of yesterday’s crash near Santiago de Compostela survived the disaster.

    One was taken to hospital, while the other has been placed under formal investigation for speeding.

    A train derailed in Northwest Spain on Wednesday, killing at least 80 people and injured over 100 more. The crash was said to be one of Europe's worst train accidents.

    A video posted to YouTube on Thursday appears to show raw footage of the crash. Watch it above, but be aware, it's pretty terrifying.

    In the conversation on the social network last year, one friend wrote: “Man, you are going flat out, brake!!"

    Mr Garzon Amo replied: “I'm at the limit, I can't run any faster, otherwise they'll fine me.”

    His friend then said: “Rubbish, you're going at 200.”

    Garzon Amo again added: “The speedometer is not rigged.”

    And when someone else said: “If the Civil Guard catch you, you'll be without [licence] points," Garzon Amo replied: “What fun it would be to go parallel with the Civil Guard and pass them by triggering the speed radar.
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