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  • Jerome Corsi, Tea Party Activist, Claims Gay Rights Will Lead To Bestiality And 'Snuff Films'

    Tea Party activist and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi recently made shocking accusations about gay rights.

    As Right Wing Watch notes, Corsi made accusations that gay rights will lead to bestiality, pedophilia and "snuff films" becoming legal.

    The "snuff films" he spoke of is where you "kill a few people, because it's sexually exciting."

    He then went on to explain that if sex becomes disassociated from a biblical purpose, that paganism will return: “Sex is given to human beings by god, as a sacred act for the procreation of children... If sex becomes disassociated from a biblical purpose, than all the abuses we saw in paganism are about to return."

    No stranger to making controversial and outlandish comments, last year Corsi suggested that President Barack Obama might be secretly gay and is familiar with Chicago's bathhouse scene.
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