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  • Meiyappan arrested, BCCI top brass wants Arun Jaitley as chief

    01. 45 am: Arun Jaitley refuses to react on Meiyappan arrest

    While the drama of IPL spot-fixing has continued well into the night, Arun Jaitley has stayed away from making any comments on the late night arrest of Gurunath Meiyappan.

    “Why should I comment on Meiyappan’s arrest?” CNN-IBN quoted Jaitley as saying.

    01.40 am: Meiyappan asked more than 100 questions, may face same charges as Vindoo

    CNN-IBN is reporting that Meiyappan was asked more than a hundred questions, and the word is that he may be facing the same charges as Vindoo Dara Singh. However, the crime branch has not confirmed the charges against him.

    01.19 am: BCCI top brass want Arun Jaitley as chief

    Meanwhile, BCCI sources have told CNN-IBN that the top brass in the cricket body wants Arun Jaitley to take over as the BCCI chief

    But N Srinivasan has reportedly told the news channel that he is not resigning.

    00. 13 am: Meiyappan arrested by Mumbai crime branch

    The Mumbai Crime Branch have arrested BCCI chief N Srinivasan’s son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan after questioning.

    Mumbai Joint commissioner Himanshu Roy said, “We have interrogated Mr Gurunath. We have gone through questioning with him in detail and after due deliberation we have come to the conclusion that there is evidence of his involvement in the offense we are investigating.

    “And therefore he has been placed under arrest and will be produced before a court within 24 hours as per the law.”

    However, Roy did not specify the specific charges against Meiyappan. According to CNN-IBN, there are nine charges that pertain to the case, including sections 4 and 5 of the Gambling Act, as well as cheating forgery and fraud. The police will need to specify the specific charges against Meiyappan when they produce him in court. SOURCE
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