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  • Ireland Baldwin Can’t Stop Showing Off Model Figure

    Ireland Baldwin recently announced she’s signed a modeling contract, but in case anyone missed the news, she’s now proving it through photos.

    Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s 17-year-old daughter has taken to multiple branches of social media this month to show off her 6’2” fab figure. On Instagram there’s a selfie of the teen standing in her bathroom, donning just a cleavage-baring Nike sports bra and super-short spandex shorts. On Twitter, she’s got a shot of herself standing in her kitchen downing Cheerios while wearing nothing but (a different) sports bra on top. And just this week on her Tumblr account, Baldwin flaunted her toned bod in a super-sexy shot, standing at the ocean’s edge with wet hair in a skimpy bikini.

    It’s no surprise the celebrity offspring turned out to be a classic (and tall!) beauty. Mom Basinger rose to fame in the ‘80s playing plenty of the “leggy blonde” roles in films like “9 1Ž2 Weeks,” “Blind Date,” and “The Marrying Man,” which, ironically, introduced her to the man she’d eventually wind up marrying, Alec Baldwin.

    While she takes after her mother in the looks department, she takes after her father when it comes to oversharing on social media. Baldwin keeps his more than 1 million Twitter followers up to date on just about everything, from his confrontations with the paparazzi, to his battle with an American Airlines flight attendant, to the details of his wedding day when he married new wife Hilaria Thomas.

    Instagram But we’ve got to wonder what Basinger and Baldwin think of their teen daughter sharing the skimpy shots (not to mention posting pics of herself smooching a gentleman caller)? With a future modeling career ahead, they’re probably going to have to prepare themselves for even more risqué shots … and Ireland, it’s pretty clear, doesn’t seem the least bit concerned.
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