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  • Amanda Bynes' Family Concerned About Her Well-Being

    Amanda Bynes' family is reportedly thinking about bringing her back to Los Angeles.

    The troubled 26-year-old's bizarre behavior has her loved ones concerned and they're ready to intervene, according to E! News.

    Since moving to New York from L.A., Bynes has been acting strangely, posting weird pictures on Twitter -- umm, that cheek piercing? -- as well as raunchy and inappropriate tweets. A source close to the star tells E! that her family is "concerned for her welfare" and want her to move closer to them so that they can keep an eye on her.

    The source adds that Bynes family is hopeful that everything is going to be OK, but that they're ready to step in if needed. Well, considering her recent run-ins with police and out-of-control solo outings, it appears it's time to intervene.
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