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  • Pink Shows Off Muscular Bikini Bod in Miami

    Pink isn’t just proving that her body has bounced back after baby, but that she’s also more ripped than ever before.

    On Monday, the fit and firm songstress frolicked in a mismatched bikini on Miami Beach, where she was joined by her husband, retired motocross racer Carey Hart, and their 21-month-old daughter, Willow.

    But has Pink gone a little too far with the working out as evidenced by the "Sober" singer's over-the-top obliques and super-cut arms? We asked trainer and fitness expert Michelle Betts for her opinion.

    “Honestly, for Pink it really works because she’s – excuse my language – a badass. But I don’t think the average woman needs to be that muscular,” Betts tells omg!.

    As for how difficult it is to get a six-pack like Pink’s, the answer is very. And Betts notes that it’s even harder for women than men.

    “You have to do high-intensity cardio and work out with weights and a six-pack is directly linked to a lower percentage of overall body fat,” she explains. “You have to work really hard and eat a high protein diet. I’m sure she’s working out at least five times a week.”

    During a video interview with Shape.com last year (which she did while shooting photos for her cover spread for the October issue of the mag), the rocker credited sprinting with giving her the best results.

    “I can do cardio, circuits, circuit-training all day long and that’s wonderful, but when my trainer makes me do sprints  … it’s like nothing else,” Pink explained. The 33-year-old also told Shape that since losing 55 pounds after Willow’s birth, she’s now in the best shape of her life.

    “It’s muscle memory,” Betts says. “People who are in good shape before they get pregnant bounce back quicker.”
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