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  • Metro Last Light Shows No Mercy to Former Russian Supermodel in New Trailer

    When all hell breaks loose above ground and the entire population is forced into the underground transit network to survive, who you used to be doesn't matter anymore. Your goal is to be a survivor. That's why the disheveled young lady in this live action trailer for Metro: Last Light is so terrified and, well, disheveled. Things have gone from great to awful for her if you want to take the time and get into her whole backstory.

    However, I fully recommend watching the trailer and listening to the hot blonde with the Russian accent tell you how much she likes bullets. That's not what you expect from your typical super model. The bullets part, I mean. Russian accents are totally a part of super modeling. In any case, somebody find out who this actress is and let us know on Facebook so we can book a photoshoot with her.
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