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  • Woman Who Can’t Fit Into Skirt Denied Job as ‘Kilt Girl’

    Usually job candidates are turned away because they don’t have the right skill set or enough experience, but one California woman said she didn’t get a job because she doesn’t have the right body type.

    Jennifer Rogers, of Palm Desert, Calif., claimed she didn’t get a job at the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery in Palm Desert because a skirt that is part of the uniform there didn’t fit her. The 20-year-old made it through the application process but was turned away when it was time to try on the required “costume,” she told ABC News affiliate KESQ.

    “Because the skirt was a size too small, they said that I could not work there,” Rogers told KESQ.  “I couldn’t wear the uniform.”

    Rogers applied to be a “Kilt Girl” at the restaurant, which is scheduled to reopen in two weeks after being closed for a year and a half. The job is labeled entertainer/server on the company’s career site, which said applicants must “adhere to the established appearance guidelines,” and, “maintain a costume fit, as detailed in the appearance guidelines.”

    “We have very specific costume requirements that the girls need to fill and they’re actually hired as entertainers, not as servers,” Bryan VanderMeer, general manager of the Palm Desert location, told KESQ.

    “Kilt Girls are the cornerstone of the Tilted Kilt brand,” Tilted Kilt’s corporate office said in statement to ABCNews.com. “Tilted Kilt specifically hires females for the role of the Kilt Girl who fit our profile, which includes being attractive, intelligent and having outgoing personalities.

    “Our hiring and employment practices are in full compliance with all laws,” the statement said. “We have three sizes of costumes and all applicants must conform to our costume guidelines to meet the expectations that our guests have for the brand.  The Tilted Kilt girl image is an important part of our concept. Just like when a director is trying to cast parts for a movie, that is how we view our hiring process. We are screening for entertainers, not just servers. Tilted Kilt prides itself on hiring multi-faceted, intelligent servers, who not only fit the costume, but exemplify a personality that is friendly, courteous and customer oriented.”
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