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  • Sofia Vergara Strips Down To Her Underwear For Body Painting Session

    Her body is pretty much a work of art already, so Sofia Vergara was happy to let her figure become a canvas for a body painting session.

    The sexy Modern Family star was snapped stripping down to her underwear at her Los Angeles, Calif home to let her artist pal, Domingo Zapata slap paint all over her.

    Wearing nothing more than a black bra and panties, Vergara, 40, still managed to look stunning despite the bizarre doodles she ended up covered in.

    So what did she get out of the artistic session?

    Vergara turned the tables and got her own back on the contemporary artist and daubed his torso with black and white paint.

    The Colombian actress isn’t the only celebrity who has been body painted, however. Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene and Demi Moore are just a few of the stars who have bared almost all for body art.
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