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  • Anders Breivik to Norway court: I killed 77 people but am not guilty

    Anti-Islam militant Anders Behring Breivik admitted he had killed 77 people in a massacre last July, but said he was pleading not guilty to the criminal charges against him on the first day of his trial in Norway Monday, The Associated Press reported.

    As he arrived in court - the early part of the session was broadcast on television - Breivik gave a salute, raising his arm with his first clenched.
    He said that he did not "acknowledge the authority of the court."

    "I do not recognize the Norwegian courts. You have received your mandate from political parties which support multiculturalism. I do not acknowledge the authority of the court," Breivik said.

    He was asked to confirm details such as his date of birth and the judge then asked if he was unemployed.

    "That is not correct. I am a writer and I work from prison," Breivik said.

    A prosecutor then began reading the list of all 77 victims, describing how each was killed.

    Wipes away tears
    Breivik appeared impassive as the list was read and appeared to smile when the court was shown a picture of his avatar from the internet game, World of Warcraft, Sky News reported.
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