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  • Taylor Swift’s Unwavering Devotion To Britney Spears

    Country star Taylor Swift has a crush on Britney Spears. Taylor went nuts when she found her Britney’s poster missing from her bathroom! Yeah, you heard me!

    Thank God it was just her thoughtful mom cleaning up the place and giving the poster a more honorable location in Taylor’s house. Britney – from bathroom to bedroom in Taylor’s latest MySpace blog entry:

    “While I was in L.A. my mom reorganized my bathroom… But then I turned around and was startled by something… Where was my Britney Spears poster…. No, this can’t be right… WHERE is it?!? I searched the room frantically for a few seconds before finding it’s new spot. My Britney Spears poster (from 6th grade) had been relocated to my bedroom, which is another AMAZING upgrade. This way, I see it more often and it more proudly displays my unwavering devotion to Britney Spears.”
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