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  • X Factor USA kicks off with a bang as Simon Cowell is blown away with performances by a single mother and reformed drug addict

    The pressure was on Simon Cowell to deliver a knock-out first show with the launch of X Factor USA tonight - and he didn't disappoint.
    The 51-year-old, who quit his coveted role on American Idol to bring his British format to America, wowed viewers with a series of both weird and wonderful performances, and a dose of controversy.
    A single mother who had everyone in tears, a reformed drug addict hoping to turn his life around, the most bizarre but endearing older couple, and a man who pulled his pants down mid-act, were just a few of the highlights of a stunning first show.
    The production was undeniably slick - zooming overhead shots showed panoramic American scenes as the judges were introduced with explosive fanfare and that catchphrase so familiar from the UK show - 'it's time to face the music.'

    This was no accident, Cowell brought out the best of his production team to ensure that the magic translated across the Atlantic, and tonight we saw plenty of it at the L.A. and Seattle auditions.
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    But following the model of the original, the fanfare was just a sideshow to the stories that were to unfold over the first two hour episode on America's Fox Network.

    And America seemed to eat up each tale of woe and redemption as reception to the show on Twitter was hugely positive, as the program played the enthusiastic observations kept rolling in.

    One tweeter described the show as 'magical,' while another wrote: 'Every1 and any1 gets a chance-No matter what's your age,race or background..New Fav show.'
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