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  • Michael Jackson's daughter Paris sleeps with dad's jacket on her pillow

    Deceased pop king Michael Jackson's daughter Paris sleeps with one of her dad's jackets on her pillow, as she never wants the smell of her dad to go away.

    Michael's mother Katherine, who is also the guardian for the late singer's three kids has revealed that Paris insisted on one clothing item worn by her dad as she does not want to let go off his scent to ever.

    "She took a pillow and one of his jackets, and said, 'I don't want a jacket that's been cleaned. I want something with his scent on it.' She put the jacket over the pillow and she breathes it. It's still there," Contactmusic quoted the late pop legend's mother as saying.

    "I don't ever want it cleaned. He's worn it and it smells of him and I don't ever want the smell to go away," Katherine quoted Paris as saying.

    Katherine believes that Michael's kids would turn out to be "just like him", especially Paris who wants her wall filled up with her dad's pictures.
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