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  • Shanna Moakler Makes $100K By Throwing Tantrums

    Shanna Moakler, The stories about dangerous, young adults have been afraid to threaten a staple of B-movies and bad TV for decades. But recently, adolescents tend to be portrayed in a more pleasant light (“High School Musical,” “joy,” the phenomenon of Justin Bieber). So I was happy to see the frightening issue-teen return with a vengeance in “Bond of Silence” (9 pm, Lifetime), starring Kim Raver (“24″).
    Like many tragedies of television, “Bond” begins in yuppie heaven. Beautiful wife Katy McIntosh (Raver) is the preparation of soup when her handsome husband and running triathlete attorney Bob (David Cubitt, “Medium”) out of the shower and gives her a hug. What could go wrong?
    Against the background of this scene of domestic bliss, a year-end party gathers across the street, full of underage drinkers and young people without supervision. What could go wrong?
    When the game outside the field of play awakens his daughter, Bob brings a team of responsible parents to approach and talk some sense into the children confused.
    Only Bob never returns. Taken to hospital after being found unconscious in the chaos drunkard, was supposed to die of a heart attack. Again, studies, seems to have been beaten or kicked to death and that one (or many) of children killed by a loving husband and father.
    This is where the real mystery and where “Bond of Silence” begins to spin out. The film never decides whether it is the search for justice for Katy (the natural course of a Lifetime movie) or a test of conformity to the school students’ near-pathological aversion to tipping. This last topic was covered much better in the dark 1986 independent film “River’s Edge.” In trying to tell both sides of this sad story, real life, “Bond opts for a rather bland average.
    - Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the director Spike Lee returns to New Orleans in the document of the film in two parts: “If God wants and not Rise Da Creek” (9 pm, HBO, concludes Tuesday).
    - The documentary “Witness: Katrina” (9 pm, National Geographic) sacrifices more than work a dozen filmmakers’ by news crews and government agencies for amateur videographers to capture the chaos, confusion and anger in display during the great storm of 2005.
    Highlights tonight
    - Tales of the sger lifestyle is a dark gloomy diagnosis on “House” (8 pm, Fox, r, TV-14, V).
    - Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales host Miss Universe 2010 (9 pm, NBC).
    - Groom Dave Foster (Max Martini, “The Unit”) is kidnapped in “Lie to Me” (9 pm, Fox, TV-14 D, L, V).
    - Articles related to Jackie Robinson and J. Edgar Hoover gets the detective once-over “History” (9 pm, PBS, check local listings).
    - Weekend brings parents’ anxiety in the first of a season finale in two parts of “Big” (9 pm, Family, TV-14).
    - An investigation requires a bachelor recreation in “CSI: Miami” (10 pm, CBS, TV-14, V).
    - Tony returns to Beirut on “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” (10 pm, Travel, TV-PG).
    The lobby of the airport becomes a “Grand Hotel” of rich jet set in the 1963 period piece “The VIP” (1:30 am Eastern, TCM), starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton a peak of his celebrity tabloid.
    Ted is mixed with a straight set on “How I Met Your Mother” (8 pm, CBS, r, TV-PG) … Rachel Smith and Shanna Moakler will appear in “Minute to win it” (8 pm, NBC, TV-PG) … reality alums meet in “Bachelor Pad” (8 pm, ABC, TV-14) … Ryan O’Neal and Diego Boneta guest star in “90210″ (8 pm, CW, r, TV-14) … Ted Audrey gives an ultimatum of “Rules of Engagement” (8:30 pm, CBS, r, TV-14) … friend of Chelsea on the need for “Two and a Half Men” (9 pm, CBS, r, TV-14 D) … Billy Baldwin guest stars of “Gossip Girl” (9 pm, CW, TV-14) … Penny shares her feelings for Leonard, but not with him in “The Big Bang Theory” (9:30 pm, CBS, TV-PG, D) … A Chippendale dancer feels out of sight on “Music in Darkness” (10 pm, ABC).
    Justin Long, Michael Strahan and Los Lobos appear on “Tonight Lopez” (11 pm, TBS) … Leslie Kean talks on “The Colbert Report” (11:30 pm Comedy Central) … Brian Williams and Big Boi are set in “Late Show with David Letterman” (11:35 pm, CBS) … Jay Leno welcomes Cameron Diaz, Dan and Riskin DeWyze Lee on “The Tonight Show” (11:35 pm, NBC) … Christina Applegate, Hugh Hefner and Shane Mauss appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (12:05 am, ABC) … Eddie Izzard, Angie Harmon and Big Boi appear on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (12:35 am, NBC) … Craig Ferguson hosts Ellie Kemper Willie Nelson and on “The Late Late Show” (12:37 am, CBS).
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