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  • The Miss Universe Pageant

    Miss Mexico won the Miss Universe title Monday night, but that wasn’t the pageant’s biggest surprise.
    Heck, we could think of seven of them:
    1. Donald Trump, announcer. The Donald provided intros between segments. What? Don Pardo was busy?
    2. Chi is apparently some big hair product. At least that’s what the ads said.
    3. NBC must be on hard times. Other than the Chi ads, the show was filled with commercials for upcoming NBC shows.
    4. Breast implants are out of fashion.
    5. Criss Angel, judge?
    6. Bret Michaels, host?
    7. “Apprentice” contestants are lurking. Could the judges be likely finalists for the reality show’s next lineup?
    Bonus: The “Viva Elvis” people don’t miss a chance to push their show. How many times will we see the plastic Elvis wigs before the end of the year?
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