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  • Kangy Busts Scalpel Saga!

    Kangna Ranaut is quite, quite amused. Tattle over her enhanced twin assets (ahem) and fuller lips, have almost forced Kangy to respond to the grapevine buzz with a plausible explanation.

    Reportedly, Kangy has been asserting to the scribe tribe that her more voluptuous frame is courtesy… a weight gain of seven kgs; a feat she's expressly… thrilled about!

    Declares Kangy in a tabloid chat, "Not only my breasts, but my overall frame has expanded. I do plan to lose the weight, most people have been complimenting me on my weight gain."

    Adds she, "But I do feel that it does make me look older. Though secretly, I do like myself this way and have not started going to the gym or doing yoga. On screen, my hollow cheeks look fuller and better, after the weight gain." Weighty matters, eh?
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