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  • Kyra Kennedy, Daughter Of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Debuts At Debutantes Ball

    If the name "Kennedy" harkens back to a bygone era of glamour, then the words "debutantes ball" will probably do the same.

    And yet both are still going strong. Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy Jr. and great-niece to the late President John F. Kennedy, made her formal debut at the Bal Des Débutantes 2013 in Paris this weekend. The ball, held at the Hôtel de Crillon, saw over 20 "debs" introduced to society in the most glamorous couture while their parents watched on.

    For 18-year-old Kyra, that meant donning a black and icy blue Christian Dior gown, which she was fitted for at Dior in Paris last Wednesday. Her father and his girlfriend, Cheryl Hines, attended in their own formalwear.

    If the whole charade sounds like old-school Americana, note that it was a rather international affair: Lady Amelia Windsor, the granddaughter of one of Queen Elizabeth II's cousins Francesca Packer Barham, also made her debut, as did Rebecca Eu, daughter of Singapore business scion Richard Eu. Romy David, daughter of Larry David, was also reportedly part of the pack.

    Basically, this was 20 or so young women who are already winning at life. Stay put while we go re-watch the debutante ball episode of "Gossip Girl" and wish it was us.

    Take a look at the lovely Kyra at her coming out. We predict a long Dior-wearing future ahead of her.

    Nina Agdal Rocks A Bikini While On Vacation With Boyfriend Max George

    Nina Agdal rocked a teeny bikini while vacationing in Barbados with her boyfriend, The Wanted's Max George, on Friday (Nov. 29). The 21-year-old model and the 25-year-old singer enjoyed some fun in the sun before jetting back home on Saturday.

    While in Barbados the couple, who began dating in September,............» Full news story

    UFC Live Discussion: The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale

    “History will be made tonight,” so sayeth our friends in the UFC, as Julianna Peña will face Jessica Rakoczy for the honor of becoming the first female to ever win The Ultimate Fighter. At the same time, Chris Holdsworth and David Grant will be fighting for the distinction of being this season’s male winner of TUF 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, but we’re far more interested in seeing the talent in the women’s division expand with one of these great women stepping up and earning a shot at a long, successful career in the UFC.

    Meanwhile, the main event features two ranked lightweights facing off for a chance to get back in the title hunt, as fifth-ranked Gray Maynard and eighth-ranked Nate Diaz will fight despite that whole, strange story about Diaz supposedly backing out for his high school reunion. He could still back out of the fight, of course, but I’m assuming that he’s going to fight since he weighed in and all.

    The online preliminaries begin at 7:30 PM ET (it’s just one fight this time), but you can join us right here at 8 PM ET for the preliminaries on Fox Sports 1 and then at 10 PM ET for the main card on Fox Sports 1.

    India's Mars mission enters second stage; outpaces space rival China

    The success of the spacecraft, scheduled to orbit Mars by next September, would carry India into a small club of nations including the United States, Europe, and Russia, whose probes have orbited or landed on Mars.

    India's first mission to Mars left Earth's orbit in the early hours of Sunday, clearing a critical hurdle in its journey to the red planet and overtaking the recent efforts of rival Asian giant China.

    The success of the spacecraft, scheduled to orbit Mars by next September, would carry India into a small club of nations including the United States, Europe, and Russia, whose probes have orbited or landed on Mars.

    India's venture, called Mangalyaan, faces further hurdles still on its journey to Mars. Fewer than half of missions to the planet succeed.

    "While Mangalyaan takes 1.2 billion dreams to Mars, we wish you sweet dreams!" India's space agency said in a tweet soon after the event, referring to the citizens of the world's second-most populous country.

    China's Mars probe rode piggyback on a Russian spacecraft that failed to leave Earth's orbit in November 2011. The spacecraft disintegrated in the atmosphere and its fragments fell into the Pacific Ocean last year.

    India's mission showcases the country's cheap technology,  encouraging hopes it could capture more of the $304-billion global space market, which includes launching satellites for other countries, analysts say.

    "Given its cost-effective technology, India is attractive," said Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, an expert on space security at the Observer Research Foundation think-tank in Delhi.

    India's low-cost Mars mission has a price tag of 4.5 billion rupees ($73 million), just over a tenth of the cost of NASA's latest mission there, which launched on Nov. 18.

    Homegrown companies -- including India's largest infrastructure group Larsen & Toubro, one of its biggest conglomerates, Godrej & Boyce, state-owned aircraft maker Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and Walchand Nagar Industries -- made more than two-thirds of the parts for both the probe and the rocket that launched it on November 5.

    India's probe completed six orbits around Earth before Sunday's "slingshot", which took it into a path around the sun to carry it towards Mars. The slingshot requires precise calculations to eliminate the risk of missing the new orbit.

    Thai Protests Enter Volatile New Phase After Fatal Shootings

    Thailand’s week of antigovernment demonstrations entered a dangerous and volatile phase on Sunday after shootings involving rival political camps left at least four people dead and more than 50 wounded.

     Many areas of Bangkok, the sprawling metropolis that is a major hub of commerce and travel in Southeast Asia, remained unaffected by the demonstrations. But the shootings and the increasingly provocative moves by protesters spread fears that unrest could move beyond the pockets of the capital where protests — and violence — have raged.

    As protesters traveled through the city by motorcycle and on foot Sunday, vowing to shut down additional government buildings, Bangkok’s largest shopping malls, which normally teem with visitors on weekends, hastily announced that they were closing their doors for the day.

    Nearly 3,000 soldiers began arriving in the capital to shore up key government buildings.

    Protesters are pursuing the quixotic goal of ridding the country of the influence of Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire tycoon and former prime minister whose political party has captured the allegiance of voters in the countryside, winning every election since 2001. The protesters say they are frustrated with the dominance of Mr. Thaksin and are disillusioned with the current democratic system. They have proposed an alternative to the country’s democracy, an ill-defined people’s council made up of representatives from many professions.

    Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who is Mr. Thaksin’s youngest sister, repeatedly said over the weekend that she was open to discussions with protesters but that she would stand firm.

    “I will remain here,” she told reporters Saturday, her voice cracking with emotion. “I will not flee anywhere. I may be a woman, but I have the courage to face all possible scenarios.”

    Lucy Pinder Lingerie Goodness Photo

    One of the original, and still the best, busty Brits of all-time Lucy Pinder is back with another ridiculously busty photoshoot for the latest issue of Nuts. And it doesn’t matter how many of these shoots I see of Lucy, I’m still blown away by her every single time. For a grumpy old blogger like myself, she reminds me why I got into this business in the first place: to spend even more time looking at pictures of hot busty chicks like Lucy without having to leave my mom’s basement. What can I say? It’s not just a job, it’s a calling.
    Lucy Pinder Lingerie Goodness Photo

    Article 370 doesn't give Women Equal rights, says Narendra Modi in Jammu Drawing on Abdullah Family for Examples

     BJP today downplayed its own stand on Article 370 giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir, saying it should be debated whether the constitutional provision has been beneficial for the state and even hinted that it may give up its demand for abrogation if such a view emerges.

    Addressing his first rally here after being named the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi said his party wanted a discussion on various aspects of the issue.

    He echoed views expressed by BJP President Rajnath Singh, who earlier even told the 'Lalkar' rally that if Article 370 proved to be beneficial, his party would stand by the measure.

    It is a departure from BJP's position seeking complete abrogation of the Article giving special status to J-K in the Union of India.

    Referring to the provision, Modi said that women had not been given equal rights in the state unlike in other parts of the country.

    "If Omar (Abdullah) married outside Kashmir, his rights of being a citizen remain whereas his sister Sara loses the right for the same. Is this not discrimination against the women in the state," he asked, while referring to the Chief Minister's family.

    Taking on the Centre for its China policy, the Gujarat Chief Minister claimed that China had been distributing free SIM cards to villagers along the border with India.

    "I want to ask whether our Telecom Ministry can't provide the same," he said.

    Modi also spoke about "non-implmentation" of the 73rd Amendment providing financial powers to Panchayats and took a veiled dig at the ruling National Conference, saying, "Those who talk about autonomy are not ready to provide the same to their own elected local bodies."

    He accused the state government of indulging in corruption and said the Prevention of Corruption Act is applicable everywhere other than Jammu and Kashmir.

    "For 60 years they talked about separate state (autonomy) but what did people get? Nothing and there is no accountability also...In the name of separate state, they encouraged separatism.

    Sharon Stone Stuns In Floor-Length Gown At Marrakesh International Film Festival

    Sharon Stone is one seriously foxy lady. The 55-year-old wowed in a black floor-length gown at the opening ceremony of the 13th Marrakesh International Film Festival in Morocco yesterday (Nov. 29) where director Martin Scorsese presented her with an award.

    "What is the definition of stardom, not fame, but true stardom?" Scorsese asked the audience, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Sharon is brilliant, extremely talented, fearless, charming, funny and absolutely wild, and she's a true star. When she walks in a room the energy changes," he said.

    Selena Gomez Wears Red Leather Bodysuit At Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show

    Selena Gomez halftime show performance reviews have been mixed. This particular Selena Gomez halftime show took place on Thanksgiving Day during the Dallas Cowboys game. During the performance she wore a red leather bodysuit that a lot of people have been talking about on Friday (Nov. 29). Some of those comments on a Huffington Post article have been very flattering, but others have used their anonymity to attack her singing.

    One person using the username "Mike_Mcdougall" stated, "Her lip synch was hilariously obvious. No live performance is that crystal clear." Another commenter under the username "spkmky" took their rudeness a step further as they stated, "Wow so young and already starting to become a chunky monkey." It's not too surprising that someone would make a comment like that anonymously and hide their identity from other people on the internet.

    It wasn't all negative, though, as many people have noted positive aspects of the performance. User "Tim_Osborne posted, "I wish that people would get off Selena's back.She is young,beautiful,stays classy unlike Miley Cyrus and rather you like her music or not which I don't she is still successful at it." Another person named "karen_wenzel" stated, "if I had a daughter, i'd want her to admire Selena G, instead of miley. At least Selena knows that being vulgar isn't a good thing, and this outfit is way better than anything miss m has done lately."

    The Selena Gomez halftime performance has definitely created a debate about the pop music princesses out there and which ones are doing things that they should be proud of partaking in. It's clear, though, that Gomez has the talent to keep selling records to her millions of fans.

    Sharon Osbourne Says Getting Her Vagina Tightened Was 'Excruciating,' Talks Ozzy's Relapse

    Sharon Osbourne is nothing if not an open book so it should come as no surprise she agreed to talk about her private lady parts on British television.

    Osbourne was a guest on BBC's "The Graham Norton Show" yesterday (Nov. 29) in an episode that is set to air Dec. 7, and when Norton complimented her about her looks, she revealed she had undergone numerous procedures to maintain her youthful appearance. Osbourne then admitted to getting her "vagina tightened," saying it "was the worst" and "just excruciating."

    Ozzy's flame-haired half also spoke about her husband's most recent relapse, moving out of their joint home, selling all of his cars and what eventually brought them back together.

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