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    Maharaja Ganga Singh University (MGSU), Bikaner has published M. Sc. Biotechnology (Previous/Final) Examination 2011 Result. MGSU M.Sc. Previous Biotech Exam Result announced on June 16, 2011. To get more information about the results, visit the University's official website: http://www.mgsubikaner.ac.in/.

    Maharaja Ganga Singh University (MGSU), Bikaner, Rajasthan is one of the pioneering universities of the state. It was set up under the Maharaja Ganga Singh, University, Act 2003, which was notified in the Rajasthan Gazzette on June, 7, 2003.

    To get Maharaja Ganga Singh University (MGSU) M. Sc. Biotechnology (Previous/Final) Examination, 2011 Result : Visit Here
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    Read more : MGSU Result 2011 for M.Sc. Previous Biotech Exam | Indian Exam Results
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    Mhakaal: Paralysed man's mind is 'read'

    Mhakaal: Paralysed man's mind is 'read': "Scientists say they may be on the brink of translating the thoughts of a man who can no longer speak into words after a pioneering experimen..."

    Impact on children of iodine deficiency in adolescent girls

    Girls small quantities of iodine does not affect their own health so far, but the future could have a profound effect on the children they bear. Their mental development may be disrupted.
    Experts said this after a research in the UK. The research involved over 700 school students, nearly two - thirds of the girls was found to reduce the amount of iodine, which is important for brain development in the womb.
    He cautioned, "Iodine deficiency is a leading cause of mental impairment and the study of the thyroid is not active in all probability the mother of the babies may have lower IQ 10 to 15 points."

    Green Lantern' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

    Comic book adaptations often weave a circuitous and amusing path toward the big screen. Remember when Cher was rumored to be up for the role of Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises"? But few superhero flicks can compete with the epically bizarre twists and turns that tripped up "Green Lantern" for years.

    Jack Black was once tapped to play the ring-bearing protector of the universe. When the rotund comedian's version collapsed, everyone from Brian Austin Green to Justin Timberlake were rumored to be circling the green-suited superhero. Can you imagine Quentin Tarantino helming a "Green Lantern" flick starring one of these dudes? Well, the "Inglourious Basterds" director turned down the chance to take control of the project. And now, here we are. "Green Lantern" opened in theaters Friday (June 16) with Ryan Reynolds as test pilot-turned-superhero Hal Jordan, Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") in the director's chair, and the film, we'd say, is all the better for it. But how did we arrive at this moment? To answer that question, let's slip on our power rings and take a trip back into the cinematic past with another MTV News cheat sheet. That's the only way to discover everything there is to know about "Green Lantern":

    Recharging the Lantern
    After years in development hell, the project seemed finally to be moving forward in August 2008, when the DC Comics property moved back into active development with a script by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. There was even talk that the movie would begin filming the next spring and that Ryan Gosling would take on the lead role. While Campbell eventually began to eye the film, production didn't move forward, even though Warner Bros. announced a December 17, 2010, release date.

    Would filming begin in September? Would Anton Yelchin ("Star Trek") become Hal Jordan? What about fellow "Trek" star Chris Pine? Rumors, rumors, everywhere! Unsurprisingly, the release date was moved back to June 17, 2011.

    Finally, in July '09, the ring chose its man: Ryan Reynolds officially landed the role of Hal Jordan.

    Greeting the Corps
    "I fell in love with the character when I met with Martin Campbell," Reynolds told us a few months later. "When I sat down with him, I really got what it is that this guy is all about. When you have a guy like Martin Campbell, part of his charm is that he has balls of titanium, and the other part is that he's slightly crazy, and you have to be to take on something with the scope of 'Green Lantern.' "

    No joke. The 3-D film journeys from the shores of America to the most distant planets of the universe. There are aliens galore, a villain who thrives on fear and power rings that harness willpower into fantastical manifestations, like giant machine guns and supercharged fists. Jordan finds himself at the center of it all, after he's chosen to join the Green Lantern Corps, an army of fighters chosen to protect the universe from all evils. The baddies they must confront in the film are Dr. Hector Hammond, a scientist turned lumpy-headed villain, and Parallax, a smoky enemy capable of engulfing planets and who threatens to snuff out all life forms. Into this mess steps Jordan with two quests: stop the bad guys and get the girl — a lovely test pilot named Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively.

    Lively nabbed the part in January 2010, and the rest of the cast soon followed: Mark Strong as the Lantern named Sinestro, Peter Sarsgaard as Hammond and Tim Robbins as his father, Senator Hammond.

    We got our first peek at Reynolds in his motion-capture gear in May. It'd be another two months until we peeped the actor in glowing-green character. Not everyone was pleased with what they saw.

    "There has to be a little healthy debate about it," Reynolds told us later. "I mean, that's important. If it were just slanted one way or the other, I don't think it would be that satisfying. And truthfully, we've only seen a tiny glimpse of the suit, you know, we haven't seen it in motion. And we haven't seen the full suit as well."

    Green Lantern's Light
    The first trailer popped up in November, and once again fans were less than impressed. But Reynolds didn't sweat it. "I'm not worried about it," he told us in April. "We've never been worried about it, because we saw the early concepts and we saw how well they worked. Unfortunately, that was stuff you can't just release and show to people, because it needs to be perfected and all that stuff. I'm not worried about it at all."

    Public opinion started to change this summer at WonderCon and CinemaCon, as fans got their eyes on fresh "Green Lantern" footage. "The first time I saw it was just breathtaking," Reynolds told us recently. "I think the first time it hit me that we really did it right was in WonderCon," he told us recently. "I'd been shooting in Africa at the time, so I flew back just to be there, and I was exhausted, and they put up this 10 or 11 minutes of footage, and you could feel it going like a wave through the audience."

    Breathtaking was exactly our opinion of an eye-popping poster we debuted in April — one that featured a slew of Corps aliens like Tomar-Re, Abin Sur and Kilowog. Another trailer arrived in May: more aliens, more action and more of Reynolds' sometimes goofy, sometimes badass superhero. It was more than enough to get us pumped about the movie to come.

    Movie Review and Story Bheja Fry 2 Photo

    Producer Mukul Deora has released Bollywood Movie Bheja Fry 2 today in theatres. As the name suggests, the film is on Comedy Genre and has the recently controversial actress caught on Mumbai International Airport Minissha Lamba in it. She was detained by the Customs Department for not paying proper taxes and illegally importing some the goods in the country.

    Coming back to film, Bheja Fry2 is filled with comedy. But then also it is not so much good as the predecessor one. The first version was better than this release.
    Bheja Fry 2 Story

    The film has below actors in it:
    • Vinay Pathak as Tax-Inspector Bharat Bhushan
    • Kay Kay Menon as Ajit Talwar
    • Minissha Lamba as Ranjini
    • Suresh Menon as Tax-Inspector MT Shekharan
    • Amole Gupte as Raghu Burman
    • Virendra Saxena as Viru Chacha
    • Rahul Vohra as Kapoor
    • Rahul Singh
    • Aditi Govitrikar

    More Reviews,
    * Story of Shaitan
    * Ready of Salman

    Coming to the story,
    Bharat Bhushan is a tax inspector by profession but he wants to be a world-famous singer. The sad thing is that he is not having so much money to make and release any his album. The only thing is that it’s his desire to sing and he loves singing.
    To fulfill his so much long awaited dream, he decides that he needs to earn money and one day he will definitely do that.

    Bheja Fry 2 Bollywood Movie Review - Story

    Bheja Fry 2

    For this, he enters a game show. He plays a good game there and to his surprise; he gets success in winning a good handsome of money from there. He wins healthy cash prize. The game organizers also offer him a free stay on a Cruise Ship for some days. He didn’t opt for this cruise but when he gets, he did not want to deny.

    He accepts the offer and goes on the cruise, where he meets Ajit Talwar. Ajit is a big businessman and is on the ship to escape from the raids of Income Tax Department. MT Shekharan wants to disclose the identity of a tax-defaulter person. He gets into dozens of disguises so that no one could resemble him as an inspector. He wants to catch the fraud person who is hiding his money and not paying the correct taxes to the government.

    Many odd occurrences are played on the ship and after all done; Bharat Bhushan and Ajit Talwar are left on an island. Here, Ajit realizes that Bharat is really a stupid person and a pain for him. His stupidity drives him nuts. Raghu Burman is a Bengali person who is the inhabitant of this island. His moustaches will give you somewhat reason to laugh. This is the place from where the real story begins. If you want to know how they succeed in escaping from the island then you must watch this bollywood movie.
    Bheja Fry 2 – Review

    The movie revolves around the comedy genre. But as I said just in start that you will not be entertained as much as in First Version. In this second release, you will get some laugh in the first half of the film and when the second half will start, you will just wait for the end to come.

    Kay Kay Menon and Vinay Pathak are not able to work as much as other stars show their performances in other features. Minissha Lamba is good but her role is not as much that you can boast of her. Because of his moustaches, Amol Gupte deserves the appreciation.

    The script is weak and the story-writer and director Sagar Ballary is not able to show good direction, either in film or in the story itself.

    Music Directors Sneha Khanwalkar, Ishq Bector and Sagar Desai are also not been able to match the music with the movie but singers Shree D, Apeksha Dandekar, Rekha Rao and Dolly Peters did their job very good. But how one can appreciate them when the music is not so melodious. And so the work of Lyricists Sonny Ravan, Shree D and Shakeel Azmi. Sagar Desai has given the background music.

    You will drag your bheja after watching this Bollywood Movie. I did not like the editing by Suresh Pai. The CDs and cassettes are marketed by T-Series.

    Bala's 'Avan Ivan' Movie Review

    Starring: Vishal, Aarya, G.M Kumar, Madhu Shalini, Janani Iyer, Ambika, Jayaprabha, Ananth Vaidyanathan
    Director: Bala
    Banner: AGS Entertainments
    Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Cinematography: Arthur A. Wilson
    Editing: Suresh Urs
    Producers: Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, Kalpathi S. Suresh
    Lyrics Na. Muthukumar.

    Avan Ivan Review

    SouthDreamz.com presents you the Avan Ivan movie review starring Aarya, Vishal, Madhu Shalini and Janani Iyer. Catch hold of Avan Ivan review on SouthDreamz.com

    Bala one of the popular directors in Tamil film industry is coming back with another full fledged commercial movie Avan Ivan with an aim to make a profit.

    Vishal, Aarya, Madhu Shalini and Janani Iyer are playing the leading roles in the film.

    Normally director Bala films will have comedy scenes but Avan Ivan has more comedy scenes. The film is family oriented but at the same time it carries loads of action, comedy and sentiment etc. Avan Ivan is the story of two siblings where Vishal sported the look of a squint eyed boy throughout the film which is perhaps the first time in the history of Tamil cinema. Apart from doing this daring act, Vishal is going to play as a transgender which is yet again a bold attempt. Yuvan Shankar Raja has rendered the music with the smashing experimental songs and he changed his regular style and tried something different where flowered with success.

    Avan Ivan Review

    The film is releasing worldwide in nearly 700 screens and it is opening in 17 screens in Chennai city and suburbs. The film is releasing in 350 screens only in Tamilnadu.

    The expectations on the film are running high as a multi- starrer has not released for quite some time and especially because of Bala’s direction.

    The Telugu dubbed version which is titled Vaadu Veedu is also releasing tomorrow.

    Kalpathi S. Aghoram of AGS Entertainments has produced the film. Arthur A. Wilson and Sreekar Prasad have done the cinematography and editing respectively.
    Movie Review

    Director Bala weaves characters and movies out of ubiquitous people, considered undesirables by the better offs. Gravedigger, drug peddler, sex worker, cannibal; and Bala could keep pulling out these characters from our everyday life to make movies. And in Avan Ivan, it's a light-hearted zamindar, two thieve step brothers, their foul mouthed moms and an 'everyone knows everyone' countryside.

    A sizable chunk of viewers, who have experienced Bala’s movies, consider him crude and heartless in creating his shady characters; but the underlying truth is that, he has implied time and again on screen, that these undesirables too could laugh, love and live like anyone. Bala has been the USP for his movies, but for Avan Ivan, it's also the squint eyed Vishal and the shaggy Aarya.

    Avan Ivan Review

    G.M Kumar plays the dethroned Zamindar, who still rides on the pride that his kingdom owned the landscapes around him. He cares for his villagers like his own subjects, just the way his forefathers did. Stepbrothers Walter Vanangamudi (Vishal) and Kumbideran Saamy (Aarya) are thieves. That’s right! 'Kumbideran Saamy', Aarya’s pseudonym, which he believes will make the pestering cops call him with respect, though they don’t mean to.

    Aarya, the younger brother, is an elusive thief with a quick sense of mind, while Vishal is a simpleton, who tries his hand at thievery, with little success. Vishal’s heart lies in plays, acting and dance, which makes him believe, he is more of an artist than a thief. Both the brothers are the trusted stooges of the Zamindar, who lives alone in his humongous bungalow. Though they occupy each sides of the Zamindar, the brothers do not see eye to eye, and Arya constantly sniggers at Vishal for his effeminate side.

    Bala’s characters are powerful, but they seem to lack a gripping storyline to play on, compared to his earlier movies. Vishal as the gender-confused individual, movingly brings the man and woman out of him. He also expresses exceptional talent as a reluctant thief, who feels he is better off on a stage performing. Arya as Kumbideran Saamy is witty, assertive and shows no remorse in snubbing his stepbrother. Arya’s coming of age role we can say. Bala always injects an amount of animal into his characters. Vishal’s reptile like moves and Aarya’s baby baboon type movements again prove Bala’s signature.

    Check Maharashtra SSC 2011 Results June 17 on Online

    Check Maharashtra SSC 2011 results online. Check SSC Board Exam Results online. Check Maharashtra 10th Std Board exam results online. View Maharashtra SSC 10th exam results online.

    The Maharashtra Board has been delaying the declaration of the SSC exams held in 2011 for several weeks now. Thankfully, students will now be able to breathe normally because the Maharashtra Board has said that the the results of the SSC exams 2011 will be declared on June 17, 2011 at 1PM.

    If you are a student who appeared for your SSC exams in 2011, you can check your exam results online by visiting the official Maharashtra board website. To check your SSC 10th Standard exam results for Maharashtra Board, visit the official site at http://mahresult.nic.in/ (copy paste URL in browser) and click on the link "SSC Examination Result 2011".

    You will have to enter your seat number in the provided form and click on the Submit button to view your results. Please be patient while checking your results since the website might be under load and the process might take a long time.

    Please note that the link to view your SSC Examination Results 2011 will only be available on June 17, 2011 after 1PM. You will not be able to view your results before that.

    We wish all the students who appeared for the Maharashtra Board SSC exams in 2011 the best of luck for their results and also best of luck in their future studies and career.

    Love Dot Com: Mumaith Khan's next

    Love Dot Com: Mumaith Khan's nextAfter performing many sizzling numbers in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films, popular item specialist Mumaith Khan recently graduated to heroine status in the supernatural thriller Pournami Nagam (Tamil), a remake of the Telugu hit Punnami Nagu. Now the lady is all set to play the lead role in Love Dot Com. Mika Singh (brother of Punjabi singer Daler Mehendi) will be the hero fo this trilingual, being made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu; Mumaith plays a bar dancer while Mika plays a contract killer. Story, screenplay and direction are by Vinod Mukhi. 


    Rajinikanth's daughter ties the knot with Ashwin

    Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth's younger daughter Soundarya today tied the knot with Ashwin, a city-based entrepreneur at a traditional ceremony here.
    Click here for More news, videos and photos
    Rajinikanth, in a message to his fans, said though he wanted to invite all of them to the marriage, he was unable to do so because of space constraint and logistic reasons. "Hence, with a heavy heart, I took a decision not to invite you. But I request you all to bless the couple," the superstar said.
    The wedding was attended by high-profile people like Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, Telegu star and Praja Rajyam President Cheeranjeevi, Kamal Haasan and actor Surya with wife Jyothika among other big names.
    Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who will be seen with Rajinikanth in mega-budget 'Robot', attended the engagement last night along with husband Abhishek Bachchan.
    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and a host of other high profile guests are expected to attend Soundarya's wedding reception this evening.
    Rajini himself supervised all the arrangements for the wedding. According to reports, the actor has gifted a brand new apartment to Soundarya, who is the CEO of Ochre Productions.
    Soundarya's animation film 'Sultan The Warrior', starring the superstar, is set for release this year. Rajini has lent his voice to the lead character in the project, with music by A R Rahman.

    Arora theatre shuts to revamp for Robot release

    As Rajnikanth's 'Robot' nears release, Arora theatre, a Mumbai- based theatre, famous for screening Rajni's films closed for renovation on Sunday 19th September. While it is the first time a theatre has shut its business to prepare for a release, theatre owner, Mr Nambi Rajan believes it's only fair. He said, "I don't want to disappoint the Rajni fans. Rajni's release is like god is coming to cinema. In south India, his releases are like festivals and people paint their homes, so I am painting the theatre and remodeling the seats."

    To manage these renovations, Arora theatre will be shut for four days. The revamp was scheduled assuming the initial release date of September 24, but now that it has been postponed to October 1st, the theatre owner is hardly hassled. While the Rajni mania grips one and all, this is the first time when a theatre actually closed doors to renovate when a commercially successful film ('Dabangg') was being screened. Nambi Rajan who is himself a devoted fan of Rajni adds that any expense incurred for Rajni's film is worth it. He says, "My theatre is going to close after this film. There is a proposal to construct a multiplex in its place but I was just waiting for the release of this film."

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