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  • Guy Catches Wife Cheating, Hot Pursuit Of Her Nearly Naked Lover Ensues

    Hell hath no fury like a man chasing his wife's banana-hammock-wearing boy-toy down the streets of Tijuana.

    The hilarious, almost cartoonish YouTube video above -- which made the rounds on Reddit Tuesday -- appears to show just that: A man clad only in a black banana hammock clings to his cowboy hat and runs like the wind, stalked by the alleged cuckolded husband a few steps behind.

    The jury's still out if this video is a fake -- as one Redditor pointed out, it seems almost too good to be true. ("If a naked guy came running down the street, I wouldn't have time to think 'Hey, let's introduce this to my YouTube fans' and casually pan round to time the run-by perfectly.")

    If it is real, we sure hope our scantily clad cowboy learned his lesson: Don't take a roll in the hay with another dude's wife unless you're prepared to run down the street (nearly) naked and afraid.

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    Iraq Holds Vote As It Slides Deeper Into Strife

     Unshaken by the latest surge in violence, Iraqis braved the threat of bombs and attacks to vote Wednesday in key elections for a new parliament amid a massive security operation as the country slides deeper into sectarian strife.

    Hundreds of thousands of troops and police fanned out to guard voting centers in the first nationwide balloting since the 2011 American pullout. Scattered attacks still took place north of Baghdad, killing at least three people and wounding 16.

    Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has held power for eight years, faces growing criticism over government corruption and persistent bloodshed as sectarian tensions threaten to push Iraq back toward the brink of civil war.

    The 63-year-old Shiite leader's State of Law party was widely expected to win the most seats in the 328-member parliament but to fall short of a majority. That would allow al-Maliki to keep his post only if he can cobble together a coalition — a task made more difficult given the divisions with former Sunni Arab and Kurdish allies.

    Even some of al-Maliki's Shiite backers denounce him as a would-be dictator, amassing power for himself, but most in the majority sect see no alternative. Al-Maliki also has the support of neighboring powerhouse Iran, which aides have said will use its weight to push discontented Shiite factions into backing him for another term.

    Polls opened across the energy-rich nation at 7 a.m. (0400 GMT, midnight Tuesday EST) and were to close at 6 p.m. There were 22 million eligible voters, choosing from among some 9,000 candidates.

    In central Baghdad, police and army manned checkpoints roughly 500 meters (yards) apart, while pickup trucks with machine-guns perched on top roamed the streets. Much of the city looked deserted without the normal traffic congestion. Most stores were closed.

    Voters are being subjected to multiple searches before being allowed inside polling centers and surrounding streets were blocked by police trucks and barbed wire.

    "I decided to go and vote early while it's safe. Crowds attract attacks," Azhar Mohammed said as she and her husband approached a polling station in Baghdad's mainly Shiite Karradah district. The 37-year-old woman said her brother — a soldier — was killed last week in the northern city of Mosul.

    "There has been a big failure in the way the country has been run and I think it is time to elect new people," she said, shrouded in black.

    Not far away, 72-year-old Essam Shukr broke into tears as he remembered a son killed in a suicide bombing in Karradah last month. "I hope this election takes us to the shores of safety," he said. "We want a better life for our sons and grandchildren who cannot even go to playgrounds or amusement parks because of the bad security situation. We want a better life for all Iraqis."

    Tamera Mowry Poses In A Bikini With Her Baby

    "Sister, Sister" star Tamera Mowry rocks a pink bikini in the new issue of In Touch Weekly, and looks really good doing it.

    "It's the first time I’ve been in a bikini since my honeymoon," Mowry, who married Fox news correspondent Adam Housley in 2011, tells In Touch. "I feel great"

    She's all smiles in the photo as she poses with her 1-year-old son Aden.

    Mowry, 35, who says she's now 127 pounds, has been following her own healthy schedule, explaining that she wanted to enjoy being a new mom, first and foremost. After she stopped nursing Aden when he was seven months old, she cut 500 calories from her 1,700-calorie-a-day breastfeeding diet and started working out five days a week.

    "I wanted to spend time bonding with my baby, not killing myself at the gym," she tells In Touch.

    Check out Tamera's bikini body below and pick up the new issue of In Touch Weekly, on newsstands now.

    This Is What It Looks Like When Jennifer Lawrence Gets Mad

    With a single finger, Jennifer Lawrence let her true feelings for the paparazzi be known.

    The "Hunger Games" star stepped out for dinner with Tom Ford and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult at the Chilton Firehouse in London on Thursday night, April 24. Afterwards, photographers surrounded them as they made their way from the restaurant into a waiting cab.

    Lawrence was having none of it and flipped the paparazzi the middle finger from the backseat of the cab as it pulled away. Hoult seemingly attempted to get her to put her hand down, but Lawrence's message was loud and clear.

    Roberto Cavalli Hits Miami Beach With His Much Younger Girlfriend

    Bikini season is fast approaching, but Roberto Cavalli and his much younger girlfriend have been getting a jump on summer, evidently working on their tans.

    Photographers snapped photos on April 23 as the 73-year-old fashion designer enjoyed the sun and sand with 20-something model girlfriend Lina Nilson. The couple have been together for quite some time, and are comfortable enough with each other that Nilson had no issues hosing Cavalli down last summer while spending time on his luxury yacht.

    Danica McKellar Breaks A Rib During 'Dancing With The Stars' Rehearsal

    Danica McKellar broke a rib Thursday, April 24, while rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars." The former "Wonder Years" actress tweeted to her over 90,000 Twitter followers:

    Hopefully, she and dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy can come up with a way to pull through together before Monday night's episode.

    McKellar is hardly the first "DWTS" contestant to get injured in a dancing-related accident. Last year, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, hurt his knee on the show. He uploaded a picture to Instagram at the time. Nye wrote, "Here is the scoop: partially torn ligament. Awaiting the doc's orders with Tyne. We plan to dance! Stand by..."

    The year before, 2012, opera singer Katherine Jenkins hurt her back dancing. "Thank you for all your concerned tweets... I'm with the Doctor, he says it was a reflectorical spasm in my lower back," she tweeted after the show. She later went on to become runner-up in the season finale.

    In 2011, "DWTS" pro Kym Johnson injured her neck while practicing with dance partner Hines Ward. Despite the scary looking injury, the show released a statement saying that after several tests, Kym was cleared by the medical staff, though "bruised, sore" and "wearing a neck brace." She went on to win that year's competition.

    This Music Video For Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 Is All About Twerking -- Classically

    The above is a contemporary-styled video complete with gyrating dancers who would seem more at home on MTV, dancing with Miley Cyrus, than in a clip set to Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9.

    And the group behind the video, a Belgian classical music festival called "B-Classic," says that's the whole point. The group is hoping this video, which it's calling "the first modern music video for a classical composer," can spark renewed youth interest in classical music.

    "B-Classic wants to give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music," an explanation on the group's website reads. "That's why we are proud to announce The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that combines the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director."

    Watch the clip above, and view a short documentary on the classical music video below:

    Diggers Search For Famously Bad Atari E.T. Games

    A decades-old urban legend was put to rest Saturday when workers for a documentary film production company recovered "E.T." Atari game cartridges from a heap of garbage buried deep in the New Mexico desert.

    The "Atari grave" was, until that moment, a highly debated tale among gaming enthusiasts and other self-described geeks for 30 years. The story claimed that in its death throes, the video game company sent about a dozen truckloads of cartridges of what many call the worst video game ever to be forever hidden in a concrete-covered landfill in southeastern New Mexico.

    The search for the cartridges of a game that contributed to the demise of Atari will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the biggest video game company of the early '80s.

    As a backhoe scattered a huge scoop of 30-year-old trash and dirt over the sand, the film crew spotted boxes and booklets carrying the Atari logo. Soon after, a game cartridge turned up, then another and another.

    Film director Zak Penn showed assembled gaming fans one cartridge retrieved from the site and said that hundreds more were in the surrounding mounds of garbage.

    About 200 residents and game enthusiasts gathered early Saturday at the old landfill in Alamogordo to watch crews search for up to a million discarded copies of "E.T. The Extraterrestrial" that the game's maker wanted to hide forever.

    "I feel pretty relieved and psyched that they actually got to see something," Penn said as members of the production team sifted through the mounds of trash, pulling out boxes, games and other Atari products.

    Most of the crowd left the landfill before the discovery, turned away by strong winds that kicked up massive clouds of dust mingled with garbage.

    By the time the games were found, only a few dozen people remained. Some were playing the infamous game in a makeshift gaming den with a TV and an 1980s game console in the back of a van, while others took selfies beside a life-size E.T. doll inside a DeLorean car like the one that was turned into a time machine in the "Back To The Future" movies.

    Among the watchers was Armando Ortega, a city official who as a teenager back in 1983 got a tip from a landfill employee about the massive dump of games.

    If your iPhone 5 power button is broken, Apple will now replace it for free

    Apple has offered to replace faulty on-off buttons on the iPhone 5, a rare glitch which it admitted affected “a small percentage” of the previous-generation smartphones.

    Apple said on its user-support page that “iPhone 5 models manufactured through March 2013 may be affected by this issue,” in which the button, also known as a sleep/wake mechanism, stops functioning or works only intermittently.

     It did not say how many phones were shipped with the faulty mechanism. Owners can type in their iPhone serial numbers on Apple’s website to see if their phones qualify for a fix, then either take their gadgets to a store or mail them in to be repaired.
    “Apple will offer the service free of charge to iPhone 5 customers with models that exhibit this issue and have a qualifying serial number,” spokeswoman Teresa Brewer said in a statement on Friday.

     Apple rarely initiates large-scale repair programs for its products, and iPhone glitches are rare. The company prides itself on hardware engineering and design, particularly for a flagship phone that yields more than half its revenue.

    In a 2010 incident dubbed “Antennagate,” the company famously admitted that its iPhone 4 may experience signal loss when handled a certain way. The company subsequently offered free phone casings to correct the issue.

    Apple began selling the iPhone 5S and the cheaper 5C in late 2013. In the first quarter, it moved a better-than-expected 43.7 million phones, helped by the gadget’s increasing popularity in markets like Japan and China.

    Microsoft eyes $50bn market post Nokia deal

    Microsoft has officially announced it has completed its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The takeover has been approved by Nokia shareholders and by governmental regulatory agencies around the world and arrives right on schedule, as announced earlier this week.

     As part of the transaction, Microsoft will honour all existing Nokia customer warranties, beginning April 25, 2014. Approximately 25,000 employees will be transferring to Microsoft from around the world.

     “Today we welcome the Nokia Devices and Services business to our family. The mobile capabilities and assets they bring will advance our transformation,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “Together with our partners, we remain focused on delivering innovation more rapidly in our mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

    Former Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop will directly report to Nadella and will serve as executive VP of the Microsoft Devices Group, overseeing development and progress of the Lumia range and other Nokia phones, Xbox hardware, Surface PCs and Perceptive Pixel (PPI) products.

     Microsoft says in a press statement that Windows Phone is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the smartphone market. “Furthermore, with the Nokia mobile phone business, Microsoft will target the affordable mobile devices market, a $50 billion annual opportunity, and delivering the first mobile experience to the next billion people while introducing Microsoft services to new customers around the world.”

    The statement also confirms that Nokia as a brand will become largely irrelevant when it comes to handsets. Microsoft says Microsoft Mobile Oy develops, manufactures and distributes Lumia, Asha and Nokia X mobile phones and other devices, with no mention of the Nokia brand in the statement when talking about what Microsoft constitutes.

    Microsoft also reiterated that it will not acquire Nokia factories in Masan, South Korea, and Chennai. The latter will stay with Nokia due to the ongoing tax row in India that prevented the transfer.

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